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CommerceIQ Advertising Managed Service

The CommerceIQ Advertising Managed Service is a fully managed omni channel advertising service powered by CommerceIQ’s machine learning and automation platform and delivered by e-commerce experts and data scientists. This managed service goes beyond advertising strategies that only focus on optimizing return on ad spend (ROAS) and connects advertising data, strategies, and execution with key e-commerce growth levers including share of voice, incremental sales, promotions, pricing, inventory, and content to help brands achieve up to 40% incremental sales and 20% improvement in profitability.

Drive Profitable Growth Through Share of Voice Optimization

The CommerceIQ Advertising Managed Service focuses on optimizing for Share of Voice (SoV) growth which ultimately translates to incremental sales and profitability. This fully managed service uses CommerceIQ’s Share of Voice Builder to track thousands of constantly changing keywords and automatically allocates advertising spend to trending keywords to ensure advertising spend captures incremental demand rather than cannibalizing organic sales.

Leverage Machine Learning to Drive Business Outcomes

The CommerceIQ Advertising Managed Service uses machine learning to anticipate consumer behavior, market trends, and competitive actions and integrates these findings with retail point of sales, profitability, and inventory data to optimize the e-commerce channel at scale. Experts from CommerceIQ partner with brands to set business objectives, create custom strategies, and automate thousands of actions driven by proven machine learning algorithms in near real time to improve awareness, share of voice, profitability, ROAS, in stock rate, and conversion.

Omnichannel Support for Full Funnel Advertising Optimization

The CommerceIQ Advertising Managed Service supports full funnel channel optimization across Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Display Advertising on all major online retailers. The tech-led managed service provides detailed reporting and visibility into the impact of full funnel advertising investment on the entire shopper journey from awareness to consideration, purchase, advocacy, and loyalty. From a single dashboard, clients receive reporting on key KPIs including Total Sales, Ad Sales, Search Media Spend, Display Media Spend, Incremental ROAS, and Share of Voice.

Strategic Advisory Services to Craft Winning Strategies

Every consumer brand is unique when it comes to e-commerce maturity, capabilities, market position and strategic objectives. In order to win, brands need to analyze data and model business outcomes to create winning strategies and sustained competitive advantage. This requires highly accurate, data driven advice tuned to each brand’s unique business and market position.

CommerceIQ’s team of experts utilize the latest advancements in machine learning and data analytics to simulate business outcomes and help brands make data driven decisions on budget planning, cross-channel and category allocation, assortment planning, content, fulfillment, product introduction, and incrementality estimation. Brands gain complete visibility into the strategies, marketplace learnings, full funnel marketing activities, and channel performance.

Choose the Right Service Model

Recognizing that all consumer brands are unique in terms of their e-commerce expertise and requirements, CommerceIQ offers two service models to provide the right level of support. Consumer brands that prefer to manage the advertising budget in-house can opt into CommerceIQ Advertising Platform along with support and training services. Brands that prefer holistic management of advertising budget can opt to leverage day to day advertising management services and strategic advisory services along with the CommerceIQ platform.

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