Hit your sales targets through automation
designed to operate at the speed and scale of Amazon.
Get prioritized recommendations and take automated actions that coordinate sales, marketing and supply chain activities to grow your Amazon business.
Avoid Revenue Leakage from Out-of-Stock or Unavailable Products
Get instant warning on out-of-stock products and even predict when they are likely to go out of stock and take automated action to re-fill stock. See when a product gets made unavailable (Andon Cord) and quickly resolve the issue before it leads to revenue leakage.
Win Share from Competitors
Get notified when competitor products are out-of-stock and automatically take action to initiate merchandising and marketing activities to steal share and increase revenue.
Quickly React to Buy-Box Loss
Get notified in real-time when a product loses the buy-box and take immediate recommended actions to address the root-cause issue to prevent revenue loss.
Monitor Share of Search Standings
Identify where your products rank relative to competitors and quickly diagnose change in share of search and get automated recommendations for improvement to drive topline revenue.
Identify and Address 3P Issues
Get real-time warnings when 3P Variants are leeching sales from your products, and quickly take action with Amazon to remove unauthorized 3Ps to minimize revenue loss.
E-Commerce Needs Different Tools

To win in modern commerce today, different tools and processes are required to win on Amazon versus traditional retail. CommerceIQ provides us the technology platform that we need to automate data analysis, insights and actions to efficiently scale and grow online sales.
- Tim Swanson, Vice President of Sales
Automation to Maximize Amazon Sales

To best meet our consumers where they shop, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. continues to invest in our e-Commerce and Amazon business. As our Amazon business scales, CommerceIQ will provide us the growth automation platform to efficiently and effectively minimize revenue leakage and maximize sales opportunities on Amazon.
- Francesca Hahn, eCommerce Director, Hill’s Pet Nutrition
Prevent 3P Revenue Leaching

Within a day of going live with CommerceIQ, we identified more than 50 3P SKUs on our PDPs, leeching conversions and revenues that were rightly ours. We got the unauthorized sellers removed within a day by downloading the list and sending it to Amazon. This move generated almost $100 thousand dollars in just three months -- that’s money we hadn’t even been aware we were losing.
- Kristin Gartner, National Account Executive -- eCommerce, Kashi