Boomerang is retail performance management
Improve the revenue and margin performance of your business by making better, faster merchandising decisions
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Understand the impact of key metrics
Incremental sales
Average basket size
Customer satisfaction
Items per purchase
Customer retention
Inventory levels
Sell-through rates
Sales per square foot
Product affinity
Conversion rates
Advertising costs
Vendor costs
Competitor pricing
Product reviews
Units per transaction
SKU Contribution margin
Optimize key business functions
Utilize market data, machine learning, and big data analytics to test and learn, streamline performance, and optimize to market demands.
Pricing drives multiple dimensions that directly
affect the customer journey and internal operations
Dynamic Pricing
Competitive pricing leads to better conversion.
Cross-Channel Optimization
Make channel specific decisions by factoring elements such as local hotness.
Markdown Optimization
Rationalize inventory based on market trends and sales.
Vendor Cost Optimization
Use market insights to negotiate costs.
Selection Optimization
External signals used to onboard trending SKUs.
Site Experience
Market hotness signal helps optimize search / browse.
Advertising Optimization
Prioritize competitive SKUs in Google PLA.
External Market Signals
Internal Market Signals
Bring your whole organization together
Pricing and analytics teams
Marketing teams
Digital and technical teams
Merchandising teams
Pricing and analytics teams
Achieve operations excellence.
Eliminate errors and streamline the change process.
Gather the right data faster.
Gather crucial internal and external data signals to drive decision making.
Get it right.
Set the right initial price, promotions amounts, and markdown schedule.
Maximize return on promotions.
Optimize your promotions cycles and drive more traffic in store and online.
Test and learn from your promotions.
Gather data and insight to improve your promotions over time.
Optimize ad spend.
Spend your ad dollars on the right items and maximize your returns.
Be a technology leader.
Prepare your company for the future with the tools to outmaneuver competitors.
Steer brand perceptions.
Create the right perception with your visitors and drive more revenue.
Streamline execution.
Optimize the merchandising change process and outmaneuver your competitors.
Align the organization.
Keep in sync with your whole org during the pricing, promotions, and markdown process.
Support your buyers.
Gain valuable insights to help leverage vendor negotiation conversations like competitor MAP violations.
Improve category performance.
Drive more business and find margin opportunities by optimizing your pricing, promotions, and markdowns.
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