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Leverage the power of E-commerce Channel Optimization to maximize your advertising outcomes
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E-commerce is a must-win battle front, but brands with world class products are struggling to win market share and profitability. With full visibility to the e-commerce operation, CIQ Advertising focuses on optimizing return on ad spend and connects advertising data, strategies, and execution with machine learning and automation to drive results in areas that matter, such as increased share of voice, higher revenue and greater profit margins.

CommerceIQ delivers unprecedented value for e-commerce management

  • 40%
    More incremental sales
  • 20%
    Increased share of voice
  • 15%
    Higher ROAS
  • 20%
    Greater profits

CIQ Advertising is a turnkey retail media solution for today’s e-marketers.

  • 1

    Connect your advertising to the business metrics that matter

  • 2

    Optimize for share of voice to capture incremental revenue

  • 3

    Implement inventory and profit aware advertising

Campaign Optimizer

Defines business objectives, sets strategies like keyword harvesting, improve targeting, competitor conquesting and more, delivers recommendations and runs the automations at the scale and speed of algorithmic e-commerce.

Hourly Bidder

Changes bids in real-time, automatically identifying and increasing or decreasing bids depending on shopper intent unlike other tools that deploy dayparting or other mechanisms that manage budgets based on pre-specified periods or off-peak hours.

Budget Optimizer

Analyzes consumer demand, competitor spending patterns and seasonality to define an optimal daily budget plan, effectively deploying advertising budgets that drive incremental sales

Market Insights dashboard

Identifies the critical digital shelves that would maximize brand performance on the particular channel, and then measures share of voice against competition and provides assortment and retail aware advertising opportunities across all of the online retailers.

Campaign Manager dashboard

Gives you the big-picture view, tracking spend and overall campaign performance by keyword, search term and SKU so you always know where you stand

Capture the customer at the moment of purchase with full-funnel advertising

  • Leverage a retail-aware single source of truth connecting supply chain and inventory data to drive advertising automations and recommendations across all major online retailers
  • Focus on important leading indicators, like share of voice, as opposed to ROAS
  • Augment our ML-driven technology with our managed services offerings for a complete one-stop-shop solution
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