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CommerceIQ Advertising (CIQ-A) is the first and only ecommerce advertising solution that lets brands use advertising dollars to drive profitable market share growth and sustained competitive advantage on ecommerce platforms including Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart. By applying machine learning and automation to profitability, competitor, sales and inventory data, CIQ-A enables leading consumer brands to accelerate market share growth and achieve up to 40% incremental sales and 20% improvement in profitability.

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Integrate Advertising with Sales, Inventory, and Competitor Data

Successful brands go beyond analyzing advertising campaign performance data and integrate their advertising with retail point of sales, inventory, and competitor search ranking data to measure and optimize the effectiveness of advertising spend. CommerceIQ’s Data and Decision Engine (D2E) collects 1000’s of market signals and customer data points to create a single source of truth. Then, it automatically optimizes advertising spend across high-margin products with healthy inventory and capitalize on conquesting competitive brands that are out of stock.

Lead the Market on Share of Voice

Share of Voice Builder is the industry’s first and only share of voice capability to track competitor share of voice at scale and take real-time action to allocate advertising spend to increase share of voice on low share keywords that are searched frequently by consumers. Share of Voice Builder helps brands understand their market share against competitors from a consumer viewpoint and connect and allocate advertising dollars to drive search rank growth that ultimately translates to driving incremental revenue.

Use Advertising as a Key Lever to Achieve Business Objectives

Strategy Builder lets brands select the right strategic objectives (i.e. awareness, share of voice growth, profitability, conversion, conquesting, ROAS, in-stock rate) for different parts of the business, set goals and either create strategies to meet them or leverage CIQ’s machine learning based Strategy Templates to automate thousands of actions on an hourly basis. Strategy Builder can be applied to campaigns, keywords, or ASINs and is fully customizable to your business’ specific goals.

Never Over/Underspend To Planned Budget

Budget Pacer and Optimizer is the industry's first budget planner that incorporates consumer demand, competitor spending patterns and seasonality to define an optimal daily budget plan, ensuring that brands do not over/underspend and effectively deploy advertising budgets for incremental sales.

High Frequency Automated Bid Optimization for Better Efficiency

Unlike other tools that deploy dayparting by either drastically reducing or pausing budgets during off-peak hours, Hourly Bidder enables brands to throttle spending by changing bids in real-time. Not only does this allow brands to remain in the auction pool, but it also reduces spending to minimal levels during off-peak hours while automatically identifying and increasing bids during periods of high shopper intent to capture increased consumer purchasing.

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