Improve the revenue and margin performance of your business by making better, faster merchandising decisions.
Gain insights to drive performance
Maximize business performance and keep pace with the market by understanding the impact of SKU relationships, automating exception handling, and eliminating errors and stacked discounts.
Make better decisions
Utilize root cause analysis tools to understand what’s impacting your business performance. Conduct pricing experiments, measure the results, and build key learnings back into your pricing playbook.
Orchestrate actions across teams
Save time analyzing data. Boomerang surfaces key opportunities to you, guides you through the strategy building process, and helps you follow the industry's best pricing practices in the process.
Get a free merchandising opportunity assessment
We’ll provide you with a thorough, data-driven assessment of growth opportunities across your business. Our analysis includes competitive benchmarking, operational benchmarking, and identification of profitable growth opportunities.

This analysis would normally cost over $250,000 from a consulting firm, but we provide this analysis for free to showcase the power of our technology platform.
Get a custom assessment
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We interview key stakeholders and
analysts across your organization
We review your catalog, cost
and performance data
Within 4 weeks, we deliver an executive
ready presentation
key growth opportunities