Get control of your Amazon business
and spot supply chain issues before they impact revenue.
Leverage an intelligent command and control platform built for the speed and scale of Amazon to identify issues, and take recommended action to seize revenue opportunities and avoid risks.
Avoid Out-of-Stock
Stay on top of your entire product portfolio and get real-time visibility into out-of-stock SKUs or ones that are at risk of going out-of-stock. Take immediate action to ensure inventory replenishment.
Spot and fix unavailable products
See when a product gets made unavailable (Amazon Andon Cord – issue reported) and quickly resolve the issue before it leads to revenue leakage.
Capitalize on competitors’ out-of-stock products to drive revenue
Get notified when a competitor’s products are out-of-stock and automatically take action to initiate merchandizing and marketing activities to steal share and increase revenue.
Identify and address 3P Variant issues
Get real-time warnings when 3P Variants are leeching sales from your products and quickly take action with Amazon to remove unauthorized 3Ps or add packaging variants to your Amazon channel.
Get a warning about significant changes in Amazon’s forecasts
Don’t get caught out by abrupt changes in Amazon’s forecasts for your products. See on an ASIN by ASIN level what has changed, how much it has changed, how much product is on hand, and whether or not there are open POs.
Minimize Lost Revenue from Out-of-Stock

We used to have someone working full time just manually checking for out-of-stock SKUs, which was slow, error-prone, and horrible for the person having to do it. Now we get out-of-stock information automatically in minutes -- so we solve the problem faster and expand the ability of our team to really add value with the time we have saved.
- Nate Fehr, eCommerce Business Manager