Get real-time insight to understand the true ROI
and impact to incremental revenue of your Amazon ad spend.
Help your teams and agencies identify opportunities and optimize marketing and ad spend to drive profitable and sustainable growth.
Understand True Incremental Revenue Lift from Marketing Spend
ACoS and RoAS don’t tell you the true revenue impact of your ad investments because they don’t tell you how much you may have cannibalized organic search sales (which you would have won anyway without the ad spend). CommerceIQ aggregates data from AMS and AVC and uses data science to measure revenue impact from both paid and organic to determine true incremental revenue.
Gain a Complete 360 Degree View of Your Amazon Business
Leverage machine learning powered analytics, prescriptive recommendations and automated actions to coordinate your marketing investments and activities taking into consideration – sales strategies, campaign performance, promotions, inventory positions, and share metrics.
Understand and Take Action to Win Against Your Competitors
Easily track and benchmark generic, branded, and competitor keywords, and share trends against competitors. Get notified when a competitor’s products are out-of-stock and automatically take action to drive marketing investments and promotions to steal share and increase revenue.
Automate Your Ad Management
Empower your teams and agencies with intelligent recommended and automated actions based on keyword harvesting and understand where best-in-class competitor products are ranking high. Choose from a library of automated strategies for bid and budget management. Create custom rules and push actions, saving your team time and optimizing your marketing spend.
Minimize Losses due to changes in Amazon Programs

We saw a huge drop -- about $200 thousand dollars a month -- in one of our SKUs. CommerceIQ showed us that the drop was due to the product being accidentally made Prime Exclusive. Who knows how long it would have taken -- and how much money we would have lost -- if we had had to find, diagnose, and fix that problem manually.
- Head of Integrated Marketing, Consumer Electronics Brand
Shape Demand Campaigns Based on Inventory

CommerceIQ was able to identify specific fulfillment centers with either high or low inventory levels. We use this data to inform highly-targeted demand shaping campaigns -- basically figuring out which ads to display where. We built on this data from CommerceIQ to create a programmatic media buying platform, increasing the precision and effectiveness of our demand generation spending.
- VP Customer Development, Global Consumer Products Brand
Target Promotions at Out of Stock Competitor Products

CommerceIQ lets us know when competitor SKUs have gone out-of-stock, so we can target those products. We use PDAs on their PDP -- in one case, a PDA investment of less than $7,000 led to incremental sales of over $50 thousand in less than a month -- one heck of a return.
- Sr. Director Amazon Sales, Home Appliance Brand