Brands powered by CommerceIQ
“Making data-driven decisions through platforms such as Boomerang’s CommerceIQ helps us drive our e-commerce agenda forward.”
Amrit Patel, VP Customer Development.
Logitech has realized realized substantial revenue gains from reducing lost Buy Boxes, reducing the incidence of CRaP (“Can’t Realize a Profit”), tracking product ratings trends, and easily auditing product content.
“Success in today’s e-commerce market requires the ability to orchestrate and automate actions across sales, marketing, and operations. We evaluated several options and concluded that only Boomerang’s CommerceIQ platform would give us the accuracy, breadth and depth of actionable insights to grow sales, improve marketing ROI, and proactively manage inventory to win in a digital-first world.”
Gabe Mattingly, Vice President, E-Commerce.
Hamilton Beach uses CommerceIQ both to minimize revenue leakage due to out-of-stock items, lost Buy Boxes, and other causes, and to maximize growth opportunities by targeting competitor conquest opportunities, such as competitor out-of-stock situations.
“To best meet our consumers where they shop, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. continues to invest in our e-Commerce and Amazon business. As our Amazon business scales, CommerceIQ will provide us the growth automation platform to efficiently and effectively minimize revenue leakage and maximize sales opportunities on Amazon.”
Francesca Hahn, eCommerce Director.
“To win in modern commerce today, different tools and processes are required to win on Amazon versus traditional retail. CommerceIQ provides us the technology platform that we need to automate data analysis, insights and actions to efficiently scale and grow online sales.”
Tim Swanson, Vice President of Sales.
“As our e-commerce business evolves, we need to scale our operations and automate processes through technology like CommerceIQ. CommerceIQ enables our teams to prioritize actions and strategically manage our Amazon operations effectively each day. We evaluated several options and concluded that only CommerceIQ would give us the same breadth and depth of insights into both our products and those of our competition so that we can optimize our e-commerce sales strategies to win in a digital-first world.”
Aaron Cunningham, Global VP of eCommerce.
Central Garden & Pet uses CommerceIQ to tame the complexity of dealing with a broad variety of brands on Amazon.
... And many more!
Andrew Freeman, Director Global E-Commerce Capability @ The Kellogg Company
How Kellogg’s leverages end-to-end automation to drive growth on Amazon